Will the real BBB please sit down!

There seems to be some confusion among the tweakers regarding the upcoming SlipperyWhenSex Presidential Productioncalled planBBB and an individual who has become widely known and commonly recognized as BBB. Some people just aren’t smart enough to figure it out, but don’t worry! President Slip even cares about those who are intelligence-defecient, especially this close to an election, so here is a statement from the President that should clear up all confusion:



“For many, many years we have come to know, and love… well let’s say identify a certain individual is BBB. He first established himself as BBB while logging endless hours working as the Head Host of the legendary zoom meeting known as Oz. Throughout the years, he has also dedicated countless hours to serving our community as whole while using the name BBB.   His work includes a list of often thankless jobs such as serving as a founding board member at swirlonthru.com, interim owner of Oz, as an esteemed 212HeadHo and  as a HeadHo at Swirlaway… just to name a few.  As a result, he has used the name BBB to help promote those endeavors on such platforms as Google+, Flock, MeWe, swirl messenger, zoom, ring central… well the list goes on and on but who has time for that?!

Recently, this aforementioned individual who has worked so hard at building the name and the brand, BBB, has agreed to start a new meeting in association with me and SlipperyWhenSex Presidential Productions.   As a result of said partnership, I have decided that a change is necessary.  I would like to thank the aforementioned individual for creating this brand and image, but from now on it will be used as a part of the new meeting’s name and identity which means he can’t use it anymore.  We don’t want to make things even more confusing for the tweakers, now do we?

So the person formerly known as BBB will start from scratch and now be officially called MeffBBBro, a name he had used as an alter ego in the past.  We’re killing two birds with one feather as the saying goes because alter egos are ridiculous anyway.

I know what you’re thinking… wasn’t he the least bit resistant to the idea of just giving up BBB as his identity after having invested so much time, money and energy into the BBB brand? Well, there is something you would know about the person formerly known as BBB…. and that is that he too is just learning about this change in his identity by reading this letter.   I don’t want to waste my time going through this same story over and over again, so he can just read it like everyone else.   My time is valuable.

So without further ado, SlipperyWhenSex Presidential Productions is proud to introduce planBBB with MeffBBBro.  planBBB will launch when we’re ready and in the right mood.  You’ll be able to find the new meeting at bbb.swirlonthru.com!

As your inCUMbent president in an election year I will personally take all the blame for any confusion this may cause and place it solely on MeffBBBro himself. I apologize on his behalf.


President SlipperyWhenSex


There is one more  important change the President would like to bring to your attention:  If you email MeffBBBro, please use his new email address which is meffbbbro@swirlonthru.com.  His old email address, bbb@swirlonthru.com, will now be used for official planBBB use [the meeting not to be confused with the person formerly known as BBB but will now be called MeffBBBro.] Please make a note of it.

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