Welcome to swirl2.0

Welcome to the all new SWIRLonTHRU.com. It has been almost a year since we introduced the social network here, so we thought it was time for a new look. There’s nothing wrong with getting a little work done!

As you get started, you will notice some immediate changes, so here’s a few tips to help you get started.

If you are already a member and have a login for swirlonthru.com, you do not have to sign up again. Just use your current login information or request a password if you donโ€™t remember. For those of you who have been waiting to sign up, you may now register ย 

Profile pictures are now required.

Any picture will do. If you don’t feel comfortable showing your face, show your ass, your cock, your pet rock, your favorite fruit… as long was it differenciates you from everyone else. You will not be allowed to navigate the rest of the site until this is done.

All members must complete their profile.

We are here to network in sooner fashion, and that is impossible if we don’t know anything about each other. Your site access will be limited until your profile is 100% completed, so why not do it now?!

You must now be logged in to use the chat directory, read the blogs and watch the Meffany Show. It IS FREE to sign up, so go for it.

There are lots of new features on the site, so browse through and play with all the new toys

We hope you enjoy swirl 2.0! Now Swirl on thru!


President of the Unified Swirl [POTUS]

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