We Care About Your Privates


To the valued membership of swirlonthru.com,

swirlonthru.com has blown up!  You may not know this, but we have nearly 8,000 users and that number grows daily!  For that reason, I want to remind you of something important to all of us here at swirlonthru.com

As we grow bigger and bigger, I, personally, wanted to reassure you on one of our biggest commitments here at swirlonthru.com.  It is something that we take very seriously, and it was one of the biggest reasons we saw the need for a website ‘for us by us.’  

Everyone here at swirlonthru.com cares about your privates.  When you expose your privates here at swirlonthru.com, we are not going to pass those along to anyone else.  That means we won’t sell them to other companies, and we won’t share them with our business partners.  They’re your privates and we’re thankful you believe in us enough to share them with us.  For that reason your privates are safe with us! 

Enjoy the swirl!



President of the United Swirl (POTUS)

[Editorial note: The president was asked to address the subject of privacy in this statement.  Here at swirlonthru.com, we stay true to our privacy statement which reads:  “We do not share any personal information about our customers with any third parties unless required to do so by law.”  We care about your privacy here at swirlonthru.com, and clearly the president cares about much more.  If it helps and seems less creepy, go back and re-read the president’s statement and substitute privacy where he said privates.]

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