The resignation of Vice President OmegA



February 17, 2020

Dearest Members of the Community:

I’m sure that many of you saw the recent report on The Meffany Show at regarding a change in my administration.  Some of that report was true, but in true Meffany form not all of it was accurate. 

Having said that, I am writing to inform the members of our community that I received a letter of resignation this morning from Vice President Eddie OmegA. 

I have penned a reply to Eddie that I will deliver accepting his resignation after I finalize my selection for his replacement.  I intend to use this opportunity to restructure my cabinet with new key positions that will help us accomplish more for the community as a whole while making full use of our resources at  Choosing a new Vice President is never easy, but they say the third time is a charm

I’ll make my announcement in the coming days. 


President of the Unified Swirl [PoTUS]

An except from Vice President Eddie OmegA’s resignation letter: 

It has been my privilege to serve as our community’s second Vice President which has given me the opportunity to work alongside yourself and the distinguished members of the Presidential Cabinet. I am forever thankful to you for giving me the appointment, and to the community for letting me serve them,” Vice President OmegA wrote. 

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