vice president

Gone too soon, but not forgotten

I’ve always hated writing these, but now I have a whole new hatred for it.  I am very sad to inform you that we have lost another member of our community, because this time it hits very close to home for me.   

He went by the name Aeson.  He was my first Vice President , and he was an integral part of the 212 in its early days.   He was also a dear friend.  

Aeson never avoided controversy.  Most of the time, he dove right into it.  He had a big heart.  He would do anything for those close to him.  He cared about people, and his memory will live on as a result.  

Jdeb, the co-founder of the212, described Aeson as “an icon of sorts in our Zoomstory.”  He’s right.  And he was so much more.  He was a pioneer, a forefather (if you will) and he was an important part in helping mold our community into what it is today.  Most importantly, he was a good person and a good friend.  I miss him already. 

Announcing the new Vice President

Hello again community members;

Just a few moments ago, I officially accepted the letter of resignation submitted to me by Eddie OmegA.  Eddie has plans for the future, and none of us have seen the last of him.  So don’t go getting all emotional.  Emotions are bad! 

I am writing to officially announce the new Vice President.  Additionally, I am using this time to restructure my administration and add some key positions to my cabinet. 

First, Markie Mark will now be my Chief of Staff across the board for all my endeavors including and Slippery When Sex Presidential Productions where he leads the212.  Markie has proven that if anyone can get it done, it’s him.  His leadership and knowledge of how things work in this online community are unparalleled and will be put to full use in this new expanded role. 

Deep3 will remain in his position of HBIC of Product at, and MeffBBBro (aka BBB) will also maintain a top spot in my Administration.  He will be taking on the new title of Public Advocate where he will be tasked with making sure the community’s voice is heard and represented in all my administration does and as develops into an all inclusive platform to meet the needs of our community as a whole.

As Markie and I began vetting candidates to become the third Vice President in my administration, one name quickly checked off all the boxes. The VP should be someone who not only supports my agenda and shares my philosophy, but someone who brings in a fresh perspective and new ideas.  He should be someone who is inclusive and welcoming not divisive and off-putting.  Since he is all this and more, it is my honor and pleasure to introduce Whiteboy as our community’s new Vice President.   Many of you might know Whiteboy as a host from the212 or as a HeadHo in Hideaway/ Swirlaway.  Whiteboy was awarded the 2019 Zoomie Award for Best Supporting Host and he was also a producer of the 2019 Zoomie Awards. 

This new administration is ready to hit the ground running as we make Zoomish great again!


President of the United Swirl [PoTUS]