This is taken from a support ticket submitted on Swirl+Social. President Slip replied and wanted to share the response with you as others might be having a similar problem.

Hi –

I have access to the same two meetings for months   I join this site to get access to more meetings but not happening. Help!

– Ithurtstolook NYC

Hi  Ithurtstolook NYC,
I am sorry you are having problems getting access to the rooms. If it is that you can’t find a room or meeting, then we do many ways to help find out what those numbers and links are. First, we offer a chat directory/ room listings group. You can join by clicking room listings at the top of the page. Also at the the top of every page within Swirl+ there is a link to the Groups section. A lot of the zoom/ring central meetings also have groups there where they will post room numbers. Finally, go to the members section (a link is at the top of each page) and add friends. This is the best way to keep up with everything in our community. By adding friends, everything they post on Swirl+ will start to show up on your activity feed connecting you to more people and exposing you to more places to get information on where to find the meetings online. These meetings are run on the zoom or ring central platforms, but they are often shut down abruptly and have to change. We hope these resources we have made available help out!

-Party hard and swirl on thru! President SlipNYC (@thepresident)