President Slip

President Slip appoints Meffany as Press Secretary

President SlipperyWhenSex is starting to form his new cabinet for his second term as President of our online community, and his first new pick is bound to be a controversial one.  That’s because President Slip has tapped famous person Meffany G. Swirlsman as his new Press Secretary.  

Meffany is, of course, the host of The Meffany Show.  Meffany is also a two-time host of the Zoomie Awards, the 2019 Zoomie winner for Best Drama and a recording artists with one not-so-hit single, Meffany’s Vibe [which can be purchased wherever music sold.]. 

After seeing The Meffany Show’s team coverage of the recent election “Erection 2020,” President Slip decided there is no one better to handle his media than the media themselves. 

When asked if it might be a conflict of interest to be the President’s spokesperson while continuing to host The Meffany Show, Meffany said “do you think we give a fuck?”  

Meffany will begin her new gig immediately.  She still plans to perform live-ish at the 2020 Zoomie Awards and will continue to host The Meffany Show at  

This is how you get around a 1132 error message on Zoom

If you’re feeling left out because you got the ole 1132 on Zoom, don’t worry! You might be banned now, but my administration is determined to help you get back on Zoom.

Apollo Hoe, my Secretary of Defense, has put together a website that will help you work around that nasty 1132 error code no matter whether you are on a PC or a Mac.

Now, if nothing else, I give credit where credit is due. That’s why I pat myself on the back for appointing someone smart enough to gather this information and explain it in easy to follow steps that will help get you back up and running in no time. But you don’t have to thank me. It’s what I do. Someone once told me that a good President surrounds himself by the right people. I think I have done a magnificent job at that, but again no thank you is needed.

So as you’re logging back into Zoom for the first time, you can feel free to think to yourself (or type it outline in the chat… whatever you’re feeling) President Slip did this. He was smart enough to appoint Apollo Hoe to his cabinet, and thanks to him Apollo got me back on Zoom.

You can access Apollo’s website at If you have any problems, you can write him at If you want to talk about how great it is or about how great I am for appointing Apollo, just leave a comment below and/ or shout it from the mountain tops. Either will suffice.

VISIT 1132.INFO for more!

Whiteboy becomes President

President SlipperyWhenSex will undergo his semi-annual rhinoplasty surgery on Tuesday, August 18th. 

Following protocol for any President who undergoes major surgery, [vp] Whiteboy took the oath of office as of 3:15am EST and will serve as the president for the day.

President Slip will debut his newest nose when the swelling goes down.


When it comes to promises form my administration, we haven’t made many. Will we create a video meetings platform for us, by us that will prevent shutdowns? I said we would try. Would I be a President for the people? I might… not sure. As our community’s first President will I set a precedent that will guide generations to come? God, let’s hope not. But one pledge I made to you (back when we were all using Zoom when you elected me 3-ish years ago,) was that I would never lose focus of the one initiative I’ve put my name behind…. #prettylivesmatter.

What does that mean? What I just said! #prettylivesmatter And they do.

Can you imagine a world without pretty people. Neither can I!

When you go to the polls this year, I want one thing to remain a in your mind as you choose me as your next leader again. #prettylivesmatter. Need I say more? I didn’t think so.

I’m President SlipperyWhenSex, and I approve this message!


President SlipperyWhenSex and his newly appointed Vice President, Whiteboy, unveiled their new campaign slogan and logo on Super Tuesday.  The new logo [shown here] has the words “Yasssss We Cam” printed across a red, white and blue ribbon spoofing Barack Obama’s “Yes we can” slogan. 

In his first campaign, PresidentSlip spoofed Donald Trump’s campaign slogan as he pledged to “Make Zoom Great-ish Again”.  It was tweaked to become “Make Zoom-ish Great Again” when the online community moved from Zoom to the Ring Central platform.

President Slip’s campaign slogan isn’t the only thing that changed three times since taking office.  So has his runningmate/ Vice President.  He campaigned and took office with Aeson who was replaced by Eddie Omega who was replaced with Whiteboy after her resigned earlier this month.

VP Whiteboy had this to say about the election: “Oh… There’s campaigning too? Fun!” 

President Slip, the community’s first sitting President, boasts that he won the presidency with “the biggest landslide in Zoom election history” and says he plans to do the same with his first campaign on Ring Central.  “We’re gonna win, and we’re gonna win big,” said President Slip. 

The President and Vice President will be unveiling their new campaign website soonish at 

PresidentSlip announces ‘staffing shake up’ at SWSPP


PresidentSlip posted the following statement via the Flock team on Thursday regarding the staffing changes at the meetings run by SlippperyWhenSex Presidential Productions.

I’ll just confirm the “rumors” as true. I did a staffing shuffle yesterday that involved pretty much all of the SlipperyWhenSex Presidential Productions and the following changes went into effect immediately: DJ Tilted was transferred from planBBB to Swirlaway as head host, G XO has been promoted from Supervising Host to Head Host in Swirlaway, Inspector Hung has been transferred from the212 to Swirlaway as Head Host and Cloud Storage has been transferred from Swirlaway and will become a 212HeadHo. In addition to those changes, these former Swirlaway SuperHos have been transferred as follows sac to 4h0e7, alek azam to planBBB and Throbbin Griswirl will also be transferring to planBBB. There ya have it… “its official.”

President SlipperyWhenSex