PresidentSlip posted the following statement via the Flock team on Thursday regarding the staffing changes at the meetings run by SlippperyWhenSex Presidential Productions.

I’ll just confirm the “rumors” as true. I did a staffing shuffle yesterday that involved pretty much all of the SlipperyWhenSex Presidential Productions and the following changes went into effect immediately: DJ Tilted was transferred from planBBB to Swirlaway as head host, G XO has been promoted from Supervising Host to Head Host in Swirlaway, Inspector Hung has been transferred from the212 to Swirlaway as Head Host and Cloud Storage has been transferred from Swirlaway and will become a 212HeadHo. In addition to those changes, these former Swirlaway SuperHos have been transferred as follows sac to 4h0e7, alek azam to planBBB and Throbbin Griswirl will also be transferring to planBBB. There ya have it… “its official.”

President SlipperyWhenSex