Meffany Show

President Slip appoints Meffany as Press Secretary

President SlipperyWhenSex is starting to form his new cabinet for his second term as President of our online community, and his first new pick is bound to be a controversial one.  That’s because President Slip has tapped famous person Meffany G. Swirlsman as his new Press Secretary.  

Meffany is, of course, the host of The Meffany Show.  Meffany is also a two-time host of the Zoomie Awards, the 2019 Zoomie winner for Best Drama and a recording artists with one not-so-hit single, Meffany’s Vibe [which can be purchased wherever music sold.]. 

After seeing The Meffany Show’s team coverage of the recent election “Erection 2020,” President Slip decided there is no one better to handle his media than the media themselves. 

When asked if it might be a conflict of interest to be the President’s spokesperson while continuing to host The Meffany Show, Meffany said “do you think we give a fuck?”  

Meffany will begin her new gig immediately.  She still plans to perform live-ish at the 2020 Zoomie Awards and will continue to host The Meffany Show at  

Where did everybody go?

It seems the homosexuals from zoom have moved over to Ring Central.  Check it out… or don’t.  Meffany DGAF,

If you’re like Meffany and sitting over on Zoom waiting for the meeting with homosexuals to pop up, you might be as lonely as Meffany.

That’s because it seems everybody is trying out  Go to that website and download their app then go to the Chat Directory and you’ll be able to go over and check it out.

Meffany spoke to Remy Minaj from Twack City who says, “Ring Central is great!”  And Remy wouldn’t lie to Meffany.

There is also another app you can evidently download for your phone and chat and shit, but Meffany has old school flip phone and needs to visit the Mac store to procure an iPhone it seems.