Meffany G. Swirlsman

President Slip appoints Meffany as Press Secretary

President SlipperyWhenSex is starting to form his new cabinet for his second term as President of our online community, and his first new pick is bound to be a controversial one.  That’s because President Slip has tapped famous person Meffany G. Swirlsman as his new Press Secretary.  

Meffany is, of course, the host of The Meffany Show.  Meffany is also a two-time host of the Zoomie Awards, the 2019 Zoomie winner for Best Drama and a recording artists with one not-so-hit single, Meffany’s Vibe [which can be purchased wherever music sold.]. 

After seeing The Meffany Show’s team coverage of the recent election “Erection 2020,” President Slip decided there is no one better to handle his media than the media themselves. 

When asked if it might be a conflict of interest to be the President’s spokesperson while continuing to host The Meffany Show, Meffany said “do you think we give a fuck?”  

Meffany will begin her new gig immediately.  She still plans to perform live-ish at the 2020 Zoomie Awards and will continue to host The Meffany Show at  

Introducing swirl messenger and swirl directory

swirl messenger

Hello swirl nation!  

I’m writing today to formally introduce you to two new features available at as we introduce swirl messenger™️ and swirl directory™️. 

swirl messenger is what keeps our community talking to each

swirl messenger™️ is your way to stay in touch with members from our community when you can’t be in a meeting.    Meetings might be what brought us together, but swirl messenger™️ is what will keep us together.  You can start a conversation with any swirlonthru member or join in on one of the public conversations by clicking on swirl messenger at the bottom right side of your screen or via the control center on the homepage.  swirl messenger™️ is also great for when you have to go mobile, so try it out next time you’re on the move.  swirl messenger™️ also gives you the option to block other users that you’re trying to avoid.  

Our next phase for swirl messenger™️ includes one-on-one video chat and a laundry list of exciting features that add more fun and functionality. 

swirl directory™️ is your gateway to whatever meeting you would like to attend.  You’ll see a link at the top of each page at labeled swirl directory.  When you push that, it unlocks a hidden area from any page where swirlonthru members can hit one button redirecting them to the meeting of their choice.  This new hidden portal at is guaranteed to make things easier on members.  You’ll no longer have to spend so much time searching for open meetings or new numbers.  We’re doing all that work for you!  If you have an active meeting of your own and would like to apply for a position in the swirl directory™️, send your information to  Our goal is to include as many listings as possible so that our members don’t have to search any more!  swirl directory™️ is free for members and it’s also free to get listed (pending approval). 

Our goal at is to bring our community closer together by making things easier on you.  It is free for everyone to join, and we invite everyone to enjoy all we have to offer.    Your feedback is also welcomed and if you have special skills or ideas that you think would be a good fit, email our HBIC of Product  

We’re getting there (slowly but surely).  In the very near future, we’ll be making an announcement on the status of our goal to privatize meetings without losing the features you’ve grown to love.  Let’s just say we’re Making Zoom Great Again! 



President Of The United Swirl (POTUS)