Why was I removed from the meeting? (Part Deux, BBB Edition)

As a leader in the community, room owner and someone that is almost always a room host, I am frequently asked this.   All of the rooms that are overseen and operated  under swirlonthru have specific rules for removals for ppl with cam problems, they are only to be placed in waitng room.  if they return 3x with cam issues, they may be removed at that point. 

Also, if they are in the WR for such reasons for a long period of time (over 30min) they may be removed when the WR is cleared out. BEFORE YOU FREAK OUT: PLEASE know that IF you’re removed, that ITS ONLY FOR A MAXIMUM OF 24HRS! Whenever a room resets next, you are allowed and able to return. Every room resets when open for 24hrs.  However it usually  reset by the owner much sooner.  


PlanBBB Owner and Director of Operations,

Why was I removed from the meeting?

As your serving President and the owner of SlipperyWhenSex Presidential Productions (which brings you such meetings as the212, 212zoom, Storage Room, the 4H0e7, 212TighT and more), I am consistently asked one question.  That is: “Why was I removed from the meeting?”

Clearly, I rarely know or give a fuck.

However, if you are removed from a meeting that I own, happen to be hosting or am guest hosting… these are pretty much the only reasons I might put forth enough energy to give you the boot:

  1. It was a full meeting… and I love ending full meetings for no reason with no warning. It normally reopens instantly but it gets some people all worked up.  super fun!
  2. You’re hot…. and I was trying to pin you and hit the wrong thing. I suck at hosting these meetings.
  3. You were eating on cam. No one is a pretty eater… not sorry at all!
  4. You’re bubo… Because everyone should boot bubo.  I let him stay most of the time.  I do make Barbie deal with him tho.  It’s entertaining.  It’s likewatching a bird fly into a fan.  She just chops him up and feathers go flying everywhere!
  5.  You’re my current or ex boyfriend, and I was fucking someone I didn’t want you to know about.

SO NEXT TIME BEFORE YOU ASK ME WHY YOU GOT BOOTED from one of the meetings I own or one that I’m hosting, review that list and if none of those apply then I didn’t remove you and I don’t care who did it or why they did it either.  NOT MY PROBLEM!