President Slip continues 212resTrucTing with the212 HHiC announcement


Last weekend, I announced the beginning of 212resTrucTuring and the creation of a new position called HHiC (Head Host in Charge) who will supervise the 212HeadHos.  With that announcement, I revealed that Cloud Storage and A-A-Ron will be the HHIC of 212Zoom and now I have more 212resTrucTuring to do.  

Here at 212 and SlipperyWhenSex Presidential Productions, our mission is to provide something for everyone in our community, meeting options that make you feel comfortable and are fun to attend.  

We realize that if we are going to stay true to our mission; then we must offer 212 options on both Zoom and RingCentral.   Thats because some people prefer Ring Central and others have a 1132 block that prevenets them from using Zoom. There have been no bigger advocates for doing so than the two people I have chosen to lead the212 on RingCentral.  

Goofy San Diego and Barbie Barker will be the HHiC for the212. Each is a trailblazer in our community and each in their own right have gone where no others have gone before.

Goofy is the longest running 212 HeadHo and the longest running HeadHo in our community.  He knows the ins and the outs of how to run a meeting as good if not better than anyone.  His mind is always in the right place and that is staying true to the 212 mission mentioned above.   He is also a two-time Zoomie Award Winner for Best Host and has lead the 212 to 3 consecutive wins for Best Meeting. 

Barbie is the first female to ever be allowed to attend the212 meetings.   She is also the first female to own her own meeting.  She is also the first female HeadHo in our community, and now she’s breaking that glass ceiling again with these new leadership positions.   Barbie is your quintessential  host.  Her passion is music, and it shows when she DJ’s.  She also has back to back  Zoomie Awards for Best DJ to back it up.  Barbie is also dedicated to making sure that everyone feels welcome when they 212.  

Being on RingCentral isn’t the only thing that differentiates the212 from all other meetings.  The212 promotes an environment where removing someone from the meeting is a last resort.  They put the users who don’t turn their cams on in the Waiting Room in hopes that they will figure it out and rejoin with their cams on.  They don’t, however, tolerate party poopers and bullying is not something anyone would even want to try with these two. The212’s policy is that the current host can co-host who they would like but the hosts know they are responsible for the actions of their cohos.  The212 doesn’t have ban lists and welcomes everyone who is there to contribute to the fun environment .

Now this doesn’t mean we will never see Goofy & Barbie hosting 212Zoom or Aaron & Cloud Storage hosting on RingCentral. You never know when he and Barbie might dip into Aaron & Cloud Storage’s fun on Zoom and vice versa. I hope you’ll join me, [vp] Whiteboy, Markie Mark, CoS, 212HeadHos and the 212Crew in congratulating Goofy and Barbie on their new positons at the212HBiC at They are truly pillars to our community, and I am proud to have both on my team and as members of my administration.

Why was I removed from the meeting?

As your serving President and the owner of SlipperyWhenSex Presidential Productions (which brings you such meetings as the212, 212zoom, Storage Room, the 4H0e7, 212TighT and more), I am consistently asked one question.  That is: “Why was I removed from the meeting?”

Clearly, I rarely know or give a fuck.

However, if you are removed from a meeting that I own, happen to be hosting or am guest hosting… these are pretty much the only reasons I might put forth enough energy to give you the boot:

  1. It was a full meeting… and I love ending full meetings for no reason with no warning. It normally reopens instantly but it gets some people all worked up.  super fun!
  2. You’re hot…. and I was trying to pin you and hit the wrong thing. I suck at hosting these meetings.
  3. You were eating on cam. No one is a pretty eater… not sorry at all!
  4. You’re bubo… Because everyone should boot bubo.  I let him stay most of the time.  I do make Barbie deal with him tho.  It’s entertaining.  It’s likewatching a bird fly into a fan.  She just chops him up and feathers go flying everywhere!
  5.  You’re my current or ex boyfriend, and I was fucking someone I didn’t want you to know about.

SO NEXT TIME BEFORE YOU ASK ME WHY YOU GOT BOOTED from one of the meetings I own or one that I’m hosting, review that list and if none of those apply then I didn’t remove you and I don’t care who did it or why they did it either.  NOT MY PROBLEM!