swirlonthru.com is now a progressive web app!

Now you can save swirlonthru.com to your phone as an app. The pages will save to your phone giving you an overall faster, more app like experience.

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To begin, launch Safari and load up any webpage you want to save. Make sure the Safari tools are visible, so either scroll up on the webpage or tap the top bar to make them appear if they’re not already. Next, tap the share button at the bottom (or top if you’re in landscape mode). Look at the bottom row of activities in the share sheet, then swipe left until you see “Add to Home Screen,” and tap on it.

On the next page, everything should be filled out for you already. You will see an icon preview of what the saved webpage will look like on your home screen, taken from the website’s favicon, and Apple will default to using the website’s name, plus possibly its tagline, for the new “app” name. You can change the title to whatever you want, however, you’ll want to to keep it short and sweet to avoid any irregular formatting on the home screen.

When you’re finished, tap either “Done” in the keyboard or “Add” up top.


Progressive web app are different than regular webpages, and they can be saved as an actual app on your home screen rather than just a Chrome bookmark. That means they will show up in their own instance of Chrome when you tap them rather than a tab in Chrome. If you don’t know if a webpage is a PWA or not, you’ll know when you tap “Add to Home screen” in Chrome. The site pwa.rocks lists a bunch of PWAs you can try out.

Instead of an editable name, you’ll get a uncustomizable prompt to confirm your addition, so tap on “Add.” This will then automatically add the PWA to your home screen, and it will appear on the very last page if you have more than one home screen pages. If it’s not there, it’s likely that you have “Add apps to Home screen” disabled in your “Home screen” settings, so it’ll end up in your app drawer instead unless you change that.


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