Spam Scam 2021


The bigger our swirl, they slicker the scam.

You might have received a message from someone with the user name ADMINS telling you that you should sign up for our new sites. THAT MESSAGE IS SCAM!


  1. Delete that message from you inbox.
  2. Do not click on any of the links as they could be filled with viruses, spyware, computer AIDS, you name it!
  3. Certainly don’t give them your credit card numbers. These types of scammers will be charging everything from Tube Socks to Masserati’s to you card (depending on your credit limit).
  4. If you already gave them you credit card number, contact your credit. card company and report the scam.


  • We all have names here at, so you won’t get a message from ADMINS informing you about anything on this site. [plus ADMIN means something completely different around here! ]
  • If we need to inform you of anything en mass, we rarely send out bulk messages to your inbox. Instead it will be posted in the feed or here in the blog, and it will come from either myself (President Slip), Deep3, BBB or Apollo…. not ADMINS.
  • If say, swirlonthru did launch a new website and we were asking you to move to that website, we would do the moving for you and redirect this url to the new site. We wouldn’t make you do all the work!

So I guess we should be flattered that these scammers picked us. I just hope that no one fell for it, and if you did call your credit card company today and report the scam!

Choose your Reaction!
  • Fortunately when I’m on Swirl I am not here to play a game depending the game…….I will delete the message. Thanks for the heads up. xoxoxoxo

  • Hey! Maybe I’m 8n the minority, but it’s not as simplistic as this message indicates. What happened to cause the security breech? When did it happen? When wws it discovered? When was it stopped? How hasve you secured the data that was stolen?

    These are a few questions off the top of my head after being caught unaware of the security breech on this site, receiving the spam email & opening it to read about the nee endeavors being promoted (something similar sent previously and in the same manner so red flags were minimized on my part), and then getting routed to THIS site by the link in the spam email to discover you knew about the system failure but chose NOT to communicate directly with us to warn us?

    Don’t misconstrue the event by feigning glee and calling it a nothing to see here issue! As an entity providing services for the public (at least in the United States) there’s a responsibility to maintain privacy and secure our data along with the obligation to report critical security failures like this to your membership and law enforcement.

    Has any of these things been completed? We know communicating with membership hasn’t been.

    You have a great deal of exposure that it’s difficult for me to believe that it’s being taken so casually. I look forward to learning more about the root cause analysis that was conducted and the investigation completed to reveal the answers to the above questions and more swirling around in my head after explaining myself in this message.

    OH, BTW, Happy VDay!

  • @Johnnysuxdik aka PrvT p X Likely just a person naming their profile ADMINS. No breach, but perhaps wise to lock down usernames that could cause one to think it’s a site administrator. Most sites the admin or mod have special flags too to validate the user.

      • As head of site security. I can assure you that there was no data breached or compromised. As BBB mentioned. We have safeguards that prevent such events, and in the event something were to happen. We are notified immediately. So you can rest assure that you and what little user data we do require to sign up for an account is safe.

        Thank you,

        P.S. If you or anyone else has any questions. Feel free to message me on the chat or via direct message.

  • @s3xyaf is correct. It was someone who created a profile with the username “ADMINS” proceeding to go though the member list and send ing private messages to people. We actually have several safeguards in place to prohibit the use of usernames similar to admin and administrator, as well as a Spam searching software to stop such messages from getting sent in the first place. That is how we were notified about this one happening. Its also a requirement to confirm a user registration by their email address in order to use the site.

    There was no breach or leak of information. We will however, look at tightening the requirements needed to become a user on the site.


  • None of my pictures were copied or video link?

    Please tell me why you request a lot of information but 99 % of the members don’t put anything on their profile.

    It’s a perfect way to find like minded guys and pass over the fetishes you’re just not interested in.

    Hopping for a better day

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