Someone, Please Stop All the Bouncing!

Hello Sworld!

I’m here today to talk about bouncing – not the good kind of bouncing like bouncing on somebody’s lap more like when your your left to clean up your place by yourself after a 3 day ParTy because your friend decided to bounce and all your roomates will be back in two hours. FUCK…

Well that’s what bounced emails are like for the person sending them. If an email domain sends emails to too many emails that don’t work all of those emails will bounce. If you receive too many bounces you can end up on a blacklist for email spammers. If this happens to then it would make providing the services we provide more difficult.

We do not send any unsolicited emails to our members. The only emails we send are notifications and password reset emails. To control your notifications settings follow the steps below:

Step 1: Navigate to the User Menu in the top right hand corner

2. On your account settings page, select notifications.

3. Select the Notifications that you would like to turn off and not receive emails about.

4. Save your changes.

This way you will be notified only about the stuff you want to be notified about.

In a few weeks we will be asking all of you to confirm your email addresses and to opt in to emails from We have setup some software that will check for temporary and bogus email accounts. Users that don’t update their emails will be placed on a temporary hold until they do. If you would like some suggestions of where to open an email account to receive your email Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks all and swirlonthru!

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