Presidential Announcement

Dear Community Members, is excited to announce the first phase in our application launch with our new social networking platform.  With the announcement that Google will be dropping their G+ platform, it is our goal to provide a replacement that will keep our community together and thriving.  That’s why we have created Swirl Social.  

By mid-January 2019, Swirl Social will launch and will be FREE to all registered members at

Here is some of what we will offer at launch

  • Anonymous Profile Entries.  all we want to know about you is what you want to tell us.  We’ll identify you by your screen name, not your real name so you can keep all of your personal information safe.
  • Full profiles with pictures, wall postings, groups and information sharing (such as what meeting/ room you’re chatting in, what’s on your mind, what you’ve got going on, etc)
  • An option that is built for us by us! For the first time our community will have an outlet that is intended for our community by members of our community.  It will also be moderated by members of the community, and they will also be the people using it with you! 

In addition to Swirl Social, later in 2019 is slated to release a new chat platform as well as a new instant messenger so that you won’t feel the need to chat on one platform (such as RingCentral) while instant messaging on another (such as Zoom).  We are bringing it all together for you.   Meanwhile, we hope you’ll get to know the new site by utilizing our chat directory and the new social network. 

If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to leave constructive feedback at

Have a happy and safe New Year!

President SlipperyWhenSex

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