President Slip celebrates 5th Zoomiversary with 212restructuring



KhaoticFun. That was my username the first time I ever logged into zoom. That was on 10/24/15. [SIDEBAR: I know what you’re thinking, he was way too young to be on zoom then. And you’re right]. Zoom was meant to be a dirty little secret. A place where I could be promiscuous and anonymous. The people were warm and welcoming, flirty and forward, just as slutty as I was! I made two friends right off the bat, and they too were new to the zoom. I share my zoomiversary with one of them who is still around and now known as Empire State of High (who started as VersNYC, I believe).

Soon after I switched my name to SlipperyWhenSex NYC (a nickname my friends had given me due to the amount of lube I use during a hook up). My anonymity lasted for a few weeks. I’m one of these people who dive into everything I do. Before I knew it, I had met some of the kindest, most caring people ever. Of course, that made me sick! But they grew on me, and before I knew it; my new friend and business partner JDEB and I were beginning a meeting that went against the establishment called the212 or 212Zoom. We’ll celebrate the 5th anniversary of that meeting, now known as the establishment as its best, on 12/24/2020.

So when I started zooming; I never thought that it would lead to the212, 212zoom,, SlipperyWhenSex Presidential Productions (SWSPP) and me becoming your President. But I’m glad that it did. I have a lot of fun, and I like all many some of you guys.

But enough with that Zoom History lesson and enough about me…

Today, I am doing something that will change the way we 212 and the way we Zoom as I restructure the 212 organization and as a result SlipperyWhenSex Presidential Productions (SWSPP) . 212 and 212zoom will be the focal points more now than ever. The first part of this restructuring starts immediately. I have decided that we need to usher in some changes in leadership. Back when I started zooming, there was one host of almost every meeting. It was the person we now refer to as the owner. When I started 212, I wanted to give everyone the chance to get involved and to prove that we as a community can work together rather than being against each other. With that came a tiered leadership structure, one that must always be changing. That’s why I started the position of Head Host or Head Ho. These are still the people who lead the meeting, make the decisions and call the shots. However, as we continue to grow, I see the need for leaders for those leaders.

Today I am excited to announce the creation of the Head Host in Charge (HHiC) and the announcement of our first two HHiC. I’ve tapped two people who have established two of the most successful meetings we’ve ever seen in our community and within SWSPP. They have both served as 212HeadHos. They both know how to make a meeting fun and keep it lively whether you spend a lot of time on Zoom or whether you’re just there to see or be seen. Together, they will be a key part in our commitment to Make Zoom Great-ish Again. They will supervise the 212HeadHos and will coordinate the day-to-day operations of 212Zoom.

It is with great pride and a lot of excitement that I announce the first 212HHiC: A-A-RON and Cloud Storage. They will serve on my cabinet and report to myself, [vp] Whiteboy and CoS Markie Mark. I have a lot of faith in these guys, and I have put a lot of thought into this decision. I can’t imagine two people who are better suited for the job of leading 212Zoom.

This is just the beginning of 212resTrucTuring. In the coming days, I will announce the 212HHiC for the212 on RingCentral and the appointment of some new 212HeadHos. This is fun, so after that I’m gonna restructure too! Move over Tabatha, I’m Slippery and I’m taking ovahhhhhhh. 😂🤣🤳

Meanwhile, happy anniversary to me!!

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