President SlipperyWhenSex and his newly appointed Vice President, Whiteboy, unveiled their new campaign slogan and logo on Super Tuesday.  The new logo [shown here] has the words “Yasssss We Cam” printed across a red, white and blue ribbon spoofing Barack Obama’s “Yes we can” slogan. 

In his first campaign, PresidentSlip spoofed Donald Trump’s campaign slogan as he pledged to “Make Zoom Great-ish Again”.  It was tweaked to become “Make Zoom-ish Great Again” when the online community moved from Zoom to the Ring Central platform.

President Slip’s campaign slogan isn’t the only thing that changed three times since taking office.  So has his runningmate/ Vice President.  He campaigned and took office with Aeson who was replaced by Eddie Omega who was replaced with Whiteboy after her resigned earlier this month.

VP Whiteboy had this to say about the election: “Oh… There’s campaigning too? Fun!” 

President Slip, the community’s first sitting President, boasts that he won the presidency with “the biggest landslide in Zoom election history” and says he plans to do the same with his first campaign on Ring Central.  “We’re gonna win, and we’re gonna win big,” said President Slip. 

The President and Vice President will be unveiling their new campaign website soonish at 

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