President Slip and DJ Barbie release new single


[You are my] Fucked Up Bunch [Family] Extended Edit by DJ Barbie Barker featuring SlipperyWhenSex

RemiXing the latest self-proclaimed not-so-hit single written and performed by SlipperyWhenSex was a given for DJ Barbie Barker especially since it is a song about their online family, The Fucked Up Bunch.

For SlipperyWhenSex, this is the follow-up to his debut not-so-hit single, Totes 212 in which DJ Zippy Fx synthesized his voice to high and low extremes.  For DJ Barbie Barker, this is a chance to make this single an actual hit.

Since the members of are all like extended family to Slip and Barbie, they’re offering this exclusive limited-time free download. You can download the single by clicking the product link below.

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