Our community is bigger than one platform

While the rest of the world is concerned about a pandemic, the members of our community seem more concerned about the fact that our meetings are spread out among two different platforms, Ring Central and Zoom. Well this certainly isn’t a reason to worry at all. It’s a great thing! I mean the fact that we’re on multiple platforms, not the pandemic. That’s a horrible thing, and I hope you’re all social distancing and wearing masks.

Speaking of the pandemic, Covid-19 has made video meetings a regular thing for millions of people making us pioneers in this industry. As a result, many of those who provide meetings platforms are seemingly no longer stuck to the concept that if you’re not having a business meeting then they don’t want you around. As a matter of fact, some of them are even asking us for our business now. I think it’s fantastic that our community is bigger than just one platform!

On top of that, we get closer and closer to our goal of having meetings created for us, by us every day.

You never know, we may soon be stretched across three or four different platforms. I think it’s a wonderful thing, and you should too! I’ll see you around maybe on Zoom, maybe on Ring Central or maybe even elsewhere. You never can tell in these unprecedented times!

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  • “You never can tell in these unprecedented times! ”

    Truer words were never wriiten!

  • From April 30th of this year:

    “Amid surging demand for its services, Zoom is also contending with new entrants into the video-conferencing space. Facebook recently launched Messenger Rooms, which, unlike Zoom, is free to users regardless of how many people they host in their video chats.

    Just this week, Google Cloud said it was making its video-conferencing platform free to all users.

    Also eying Zoom’s market share, Verizon Business recently agreed to buy cloud-based video service BlueJeans Network.” – Mediapost.com

    The next 5-6 months are going to be particularly unprecedented as the entire world joins us in a massive Swirl-off and Cloud-a-thon as everyone self-medicates and tweaks and swirls in response to 1) a massive shift to a majority at-home workforce, and 2) for all of us Apple fans, the possible (most likely?) delay in the release of our beloved new iPhone 12 by 1 or 2 months (that’s like 2 decades in Apple Tweaker Swirl years! 🤪).

    Never fear though! From the spilled Gina & shards of a) the economic and workplace disruption(s), and b) from the increase in the velocity and quantity of now-daily “TrumpStupidisms” and “DumbAssednesses”, will rise exciting (and potentially orgasmic!) new technologies and rapid-fire innovations some of which we are already starting to see (5G, New Video Conferencing Platforms). We will, however, also see the pushback in priorities (and of whole industries in fact) for other tech and AI/ML products such as the very hyped self-driving vehicles which are predicted to see product-launch delays of about 10 years if not more (meaning my now-tired-old-ass may never get to see the day when there is nothing but autonomous vehicles whizzing by on California freeways 🙁.)

    And with that thought, I’ll end this nerdy and geeky ESOH twack-out sesh🤓 with Pres Slips never-truer and never-wiser words:

    ““You never can tell in these unprecedented times!”


  • we have, as a community, always been quick to embrace new technology or be early-adopters and pioneers. I think that it’s actually better that we use the full range of tools – it’s not difficult to have all of them installed as most of us do now for work anyway, it’s just a question of clicking that link and joining in.
    The features are largely the same and I’ve found Google Meets, and even Teams to be very good, ar at least as good as Zoom and ring.
    Lest we forget that we are in fact targetted by Zoom in particular and ostracized for it.

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