Introducing VP Cares

To help make sure that someone in the SlipperyWhenSex administration is available to hear your concerns, Vice President Whiteboy is introducing a new initiative that will give members of our community an avenue to seek assistance from and provide feedback to the administration.  

The initiative, called VP Cares, will provide a space at soliciting feedback from members of the community.  This will be a first for both this administration and  In addition to the new feedback forum, VP Whiteboy will also start the VP Cares blog where he will address some popular areas of concern as well as distribute information to the community.  It is expected to launch in early April-ish.

The VP says he’ll work closely with Chief of Staff Markie Mark and Public Advocate MeffBBBro to ensure the people’s voices are heard.  

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  • HeyI was wondering who i would contact about getting my bf aproved for an acount. he has tried 3 or 4 times and not been aproved as matter of fact hasent got any response .

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