It has been a long time in the coming, but here comes the swirl!  And the swirl is real!!
As a part of a series of new applications that will result in a platform built for us, by us; we are excited to introduce: 

This social network will effectively fill the void left as Google removes G+ from their portfolio, and it will add so much more!! 
Over the next week, we will tell you how you can sign up to be a part of this thrilling new element to our community.
We are building this platform for EVERYONE within our community!! So please spread the word by inviting others to join you and me as we use Swirl Social to its max potential.
I’m mainly writing you today to set the record straight.   This new home for community isn’t about me, it isn’t simply about you.  It isn’t exclusively available to the212, the Omega’s, the Twack City community, the Tea Club, Oz or any other chat room or meeting you’ll find across Zoom, RingCentral or any other platform.   This is bigger than any of that, because IT IS ABOUT ALL OF US!!
On behalf of everyone behind the scenes, it is my honor to invite you to become a part of this new venture.  We’re proud of you and your resilience and together we can finally move forward into a space we all deserve.   
Look for more detailed instructions on how we will move forward.
Now together, let’s swirl on thru!

President SlipperyWhenSex

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