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      Luke Cloudwalker

      A few weeks ago I was able to enter meetings on Ring Central and occasionally on Zoom.

      Then I started noticing more meetings being held on the Zoom platform, which I was still able to login to.

      Suddenly I started getting an error message on just one meeting, Error Code 1132 but could login to other meetings on Zoom.

      That went on for about a week and then I wasn’t able to login to any meetings on Zoom and most of the meetings seem to have abandoned Ring Central for Zoom.

      For the past week or so a couple of meetings still on Ring Central and I was able to login to them until today.

      When I click the link to the meeting from my PC, a Ring Central desktop client page opens with the Ring Central logo and 2 links: Contact Us and Login and that’s as far as it goes.

      The client doesn’t open and the dialog on the page is no longer being displayed that says join the meeting or download Ring Central.

      Is anyone else experiencing the same things and does anyone know how to get past these things?

      I tried contacting Zoom because it shows my account is disabled but they won’t give me anything useful because I don’t pay for the service.

      I read in chat last night that people have created new accounts and got in that way, which I did today and was still unable to login and got the same error message.

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      If you’ve been identified by Zoom as an undesirable user, they record the mac address of your computer and its gets put on a list that is blocked and are shown error 1132. As far as I know there’s no way around it short of making a new account, using a different primary email ID on a different computer. Kinda a long way to go, but ya never know how much people wanna cam!!

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