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      Is anyone else having difficulty moving around on the website, or am I just an idiot who can’t figure it out? Here’s a few issues I’ve come across:

      When you try to scroll thru the membership list of any particular group, you never get past page 1. No matter what you press to advance through the list, the same first 20 members whose name appears there keeps reloading.

      There doesn’t appear to be a “back” button anywhere on the site, making it easy for you to return to a previous page you were on. Once you click on something you want to check out, getting back to the page you were just on can be difficult. You should be able to bounce around the site very easily without a lot of steps involved.

      Since the site is relatively new and still evolving, it’s understandable that problems will arise and ‘tweaks’ will be needed to keep things running smoothly. As new features are rolled out and people begin to explore them, there’s going to be confusion. It therefore would be great if there was some sort of guide to the various components, and a quick tutorial describing what’s there and how to navigate within each area.

      Thank you to the webmasters and administrators who created the site. You took the time to design a place for us to gather, now please show us how to use what’s here so we can take advantage of the fruits of your labor.

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      Thank you for the detailed feedback.

      Are you navigating on your phone, tablet, or desktop??

      Do u not have a back button on your broswer??

      I”ll look into the user pages and group pages and see what’s going there.

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      @CockgobblerLA                                                                                               I’m right there with you. Navigation is difficult. Buttons, intended to move you forward, either loop you back to the same page, dead end or just don’t work. I like to read the group posts. How do i do that?     I’m not here to list all the bugs. I’m sure the webmasters and admins  bug lists are much bigger. Plus I doubt any ones  even getting paid right now. You guys have done a heck of a job so far. Keep it up, it’ll come together.

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        And I am the developer….

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      Go to the group whose post u want to read. The groups are accessible from the menu on the left. Thanks for the feedback. Not super actionable but I guess it will do.

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