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      So I haven’t been here in quite a while, after running into other problems with a different host a while back. While admittedly not at my best due to my own problem set compounded by the intense environment inherent in a world pandemic, I came to-in hope- have a break from reality.

      One of the hosts in the planbbb had previously become somewhat of an acquaintance, as in there was communication outside of swirlplus. Through several channels. It had been severed due to a perceived situation that I didn’t exactly understand, but yeah sometimes we can agree that we don’t communicate fluently, so I was ok with it.  I saw him. He saw me.  I minded my own business. I eventually connected with someone.  That person was influenced directly and privately against communication with me.   It ended abruptly with his mention of ‘what they were telling him’.

      I’m disgusted. Totally at this point.  How adolescent for someone to be this way. And someone with a role to play.
      I will agree to discuss this further with the appropriate level of authority here, if they ask and want to know.  Otherwise I’m not coming back. I’m likely not coming back either way. And in so doing will say goodbye to some decent people also.

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      As head of Community User Advocacy as well as this being the meeting I own and operate, I am most definately wanting to hear this entire story. Please reach out to me either on the Swirl messenger here, in a meeting if you see me, or please, email me directly:

      mailto: bbb @ swirlonthru.com


      Thank you!

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      The swirlonthru lot ARE the bullies!!

      I dont know what you guys have agaist us and our room, but we are treated like outsiders…
      They can give everyone a NAME.swirlonthru.com link but not us, and they came up with some lame excuse as to why not.

      Maybe time to split ways…..?

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