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This is no normal. I was a 2nd host in TWACK CITY ROOM. I went to the last page and i moved in all afternon. All were good.but when a person ask me if the room closed and what hour it did. Well.. I don’t know this information and I ask to the first host (i don’t remember his name, but he is very fat, ugly and he looked bad smelling) . His answer: remove me. I don’t understand anything. i tried to help a user and the reward is to demigrate and remove me.

I think thay  here are very bad persons. there are people who criticize, insult and poison with their words without knowing the people. it is prejudging. make bulling to people is the most miserable by whoever starts it and who follows the game too. people must be judge when they are known, not by the dirty words of others. this is my opinión.

i also have to add that here are good,  nice and responsable people.

i hope someday those people disappear.

let’s see how long they take to censor me.
<h1>peace, love and fun.</h1>