Code of Conduct

[last updated on April 22, 2019 at 3:30AM EST by President SlipperyWhenSexNYC]

The code of conduct at is meant to establish consistency while protecting the integrity of the products and services offered as well as a safe environment for the members of the world’s largest video chat community.

 At, we are proud to continue a long established social community built over many years while using cloud meeting and chat room platforms powered by Zoom.  That company and its management might be capable of prohibiting our community from using their online cloud meeting service, but they wan’t take away this online community’s strongest assets – the people who make it up! is made up of several major components including Swirl+Social, Swirl Messenger, Swirl Chat, The Swirl Story, Swirl Productions and more.  Each which may have its own specific rules and regulations, so please make yourself familiar with each after login into the various sections.  

As a video chat community, members are required to use a web cam in areas such as chat rooms or meetings.  Members are also encouraged to compete all profile information and upload a recent photo of themselves to the profile.  You must have the permission of everyone who appears in the photos you post to the site. 

You can always get the answers you need by clicking the ‘swirl support’ button in the parent menu at the top each page or by reaching out to the help desk.  There you can send in questions to a specific community leader or just ask general questions.  If you have a concern with a feature or policy on the platform you are encouraged to talk to a chat room owner, community board member, moderator or member of the executive committee.   

There is also a team of moderators who comb the site continuously to help maintain order in the community. Moderators have the ability and obligation to tag and remove inappropriate content and the users who post it.  The office of the President, Vice President or any other member of the executive committee may also order content be removed form the site or membership be suspended or revoked.   Those who are removed from the platform or feel they have been suspended without merit may reserve the right to meet before a board of their peers who also serve as moderators or the Executive Committee to make their appeal. 

In addition to the above standards, solicitation on this site is prohibited. You are not allowed to sell products or services of any type without the written permission of a member of the Executive Committee.  Acts that involve pedophelia, animals and illegal acts such as drug use or sales are STRICTLY prohibited and could result in suspension or revocation of membership.  Bullying and hate speech will not be tolerated.

All members of the community are required to abide by these codes and regulations.  Members are are responsible for new information added after their first login.  You may be asked at times to check the code of conduct and verify having seen updates or additions.