After a delay due to a covid outbreak and another delay after Meffany fell asleep right before the debut showing, the moment you’ve been waiting for since 2021! This is the official presentation of the 5th Annual Zoomie Awards hosted by Meffany and MeffBBBro.

Watch to see who you picked as 2021’s best hosts, best meetings, best DJs and much more! Then stay tuned at the end for some special bloopers from the making of the show!

Congrats to all the winners! Keep up the good work! And a special thank you to everyone who contributed to the Zoomies starting with Markie Mark and Goofy who are the coordinators of the Zoomies each year. Thanks also goes out to vp Whiteboy, Meffany and MeffBBBro for serving on the 5th Annual Zoomies Committee.

And on behalf of everyone at SlipperyWhenSex Presidential Productions, a very special thanks to Cuban Prime, Baddie Prime, DJ Fuckboy, Markie Mark, Pauly V, Barbie Barker, vp Whiteboy, Meffany, J.Ryan and MeffBBBro for their contributions to the presentation of the 5th Annual Zoomie Awards streaming above.