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Welcome to swirl2.0

Welcome to the all new It has been almost a year since we introduced the social network here, so we thought it was time for a new look. There’s nothing wrong with getting a little work done!

As you get started, you will notice some immediate changes, so here’s a few tips to help you get started.

If you are already a member and have a login for, you do not have to sign up again. Just use your current login information or request a password if you don’t remember. For those of you who have been waiting to sign up, you may now register  

Profile pictures are now required.

Any picture will do. If you don’t feel comfortable showing your face, show your ass, your cock, your pet rock, your favorite fruit… as long was it differenciates you from everyone else. You will not be allowed to navigate the rest of the site until this is done.

All members must complete their profile.

We are here to network in sooner fashion, and that is impossible if we don’t know anything about each other. Your site access will be limited until your profile is 100% completed, so why not do it now?!

You must now be logged in to use the chat directory, read the blogs and watch the Meffany Show. It IS FREE to sign up, so go for it.

There are lots of new features on the site, so browse through and play with all the new toys

We hope you enjoy swirl 2.0! Now Swirl on thru!


President of the Unified Swirl [POTUS]

Someone, Please Stop All the Bouncing!

Hello Sworld!

I’m here today to talk about bouncing – not the good kind of bouncing like bouncing on somebody’s lap more like when your your left to clean up your place by yourself after a 3 day ParTy because your friend decided to bounce and all your roomates will be back in two hours. FUCK…

Well that’s what bounced emails are like for the person sending them. If an email domain sends emails to too many emails that don’t work all of those emails will bounce. If you receive too many bounces you can end up on a blacklist for email spammers. If this happens to then it would make providing the services we provide more difficult.

We do not send any unsolicited emails to our members. The only emails we send are notifications and password reset emails. To control your notifications settings follow the steps below:

Step 1: Navigate to the User Menu in the top right hand corner

2. On your account settings page, select notifications.

3. Select the Notifications that you would like to turn off and not receive emails about.

4. Save your changes.

This way you will be notified only about the stuff you want to be notified about.

In a few weeks we will be asking all of you to confirm your email addresses and to opt in to emails from We have setup some software that will check for temporary and bogus email accounts. Users that don’t update their emails will be placed on a temporary hold until they do. If you would like some suggestions of where to open an email account to receive your email Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks all and swirlonthru!

Will the real BBB please sit down!

There seems to be some confusion among the tweakers regarding the upcoming SlipperyWhenSex Presidential Productioncalled planBBB and an individual who has become widely known and commonly recognized as BBB. Some people just aren’t smart enough to figure it out, but don’t worry! President Slip even cares about those who are intelligence-defecient, especially this close to an election, so here is a statement from the President that should clear up all confusion:



“For many, many years we have come to know, and love… well let’s say identify a certain individual is BBB. He first established himself as BBB while logging endless hours working as the Head Host of the legendary zoom meeting known as Oz. Throughout the years, he has also dedicated countless hours to serving our community as whole while using the name BBB.   His work includes a list of often thankless jobs such as serving as a founding board member at, interim owner of Oz, as an esteemed 212HeadHo and  as a HeadHo at Swirlaway… just to name a few.  As a result, he has used the name BBB to help promote those endeavors on such platforms as Google+, Flock, MeWe, swirl messenger, zoom, ring central… well the list goes on and on but who has time for that?!

Recently, this aforementioned individual who has worked so hard at building the name and the brand, BBB, has agreed to start a new meeting in association with me and SlipperyWhenSex Presidential Productions.   As a result of said partnership, I have decided that a change is necessary.  I would like to thank the aforementioned individual for creating this brand and image, but from now on it will be used as a part of the new meeting’s name and identity which means he can’t use it anymore.  We don’t want to make things even more confusing for the tweakers, now do we?

So the person formerly known as BBB will start from scratch and now be officially called MeffBBBro, a name he had used as an alter ego in the past.  We’re killing two birds with one feather as the saying goes because alter egos are ridiculous anyway.

I know what you’re thinking… wasn’t he the least bit resistant to the idea of just giving up BBB as his identity after having invested so much time, money and energy into the BBB brand? Well, there is something you would know about the person formerly known as BBB…. and that is that he too is just learning about this change in his identity by reading this letter.   I don’t want to waste my time going through this same story over and over again, so he can just read it like everyone else.   My time is valuable.

So without further ado, SlipperyWhenSex Presidential Productions is proud to introduce planBBB with MeffBBBro.  planBBB will launch when we’re ready and in the right mood.  You’ll be able to find the new meeting at!

As your inCUMbent president in an election year I will personally take all the blame for any confusion this may cause and place it solely on MeffBBBro himself. I apologize on his behalf.


President SlipperyWhenSex


There is one more  important change the President would like to bring to your attention:  If you email MeffBBBro, please use his new email address which is  His old email address,, will now be used for official planBBB use [the meeting not to be confused with the person formerly known as BBB but will now be called MeffBBBro.] Please make a note of it.

We Care About Your Privates


To the valued membership of, has blown up!  You may not know this, but we have nearly 8,000 users and that number grows daily!  For that reason, I want to remind you of something important to all of us here at

As we grow bigger and bigger, I, personally, wanted to reassure you on one of our biggest commitments here at  It is something that we take very seriously, and it was one of the biggest reasons we saw the need for a website ‘for us by us.’  

Everyone here at cares about your privates.  When you expose your privates here at, we are not going to pass those along to anyone else.  That means we won’t sell them to other companies, and we won’t share them with our business partners.  They’re your privates and we’re thankful you believe in us enough to share them with us.  For that reason your privates are safe with us! 

Enjoy the swirl!



President of the United Swirl (POTUS)

[Editorial note: The president was asked to address the subject of privacy in this statement.  Here at, we stay true to our privacy statement which reads:  “We do not share any personal information about our customers with any third parties unless required to do so by law.”  We care about your privacy here at, and clearly the president cares about much more.  If it helps and seems less creepy, go back and re-read the president’s statement and substitute privacy where he said privates.]

Why was I removed from the meeting?

As your serving President and the owner of the212, I am consistently asked one question frequently.  That is “Why was I removed from the meeting?” 

Clearly, I rarely know or give a fuck.  

However, if you are removed from a meeting that I own, happen to be hosting or am guest hosting… these are pretty much the only reasons I might put forth enough energy to give you the boot:

  1. It was a full meeting, and I love ending full meetings for no reason with no warning. It normally reopens instantly but it gets some people all worked up.  super fun!
  2. You’re hot, and I was trying to pin you and hit the wrong thing. I suck at hosting these meetings.
  3. You were eating on cam. No one is a pretty eater… not sorry at all!
  4. You’re bubo.  Because everyone boots bubo.  I let him stay most of the time.  I do make Barbie deal with him tho.  It’s entertaining.  It’s likewatching a bird fly into a fan.  She just chops him up and feathers go flying everywhere
  5.  You’re my current or ex boyfriend, and I was fucking someone I didn’t want you to know about.

SO NEXT TIME BEFORE YOU ASK ME WHY YOU GOT BOOTED from one of the meetings I own or one that I’m hosting, review that list and if none of those apply then I didn’t remove you and I don’t care who did it or why they did it either.  NOT MY PROBLEM! 

Introducing swirl messenger and swirl directory

swirl messenger

Hello swirl nation!  

I’m writing today to formally introduce you to two new features available at as we introduce swirl messenger™️ and swirl directory™️. 

swirl messenger is what keeps our community talking to each

swirl messenger™️ is your way to stay in touch with members from our community when you can’t be in a meeting.    Meetings might be what brought us together, but swirl messenger™️ is what will keep us together.  You can start a conversation with any swirlonthru member or join in on one of the public conversations by clicking on swirl messenger at the bottom right side of your screen or via the control center on the homepage.  swirl messenger™️ is also great for when you have to go mobile, so try it out next time you’re on the move.  swirl messenger™️ also gives you the option to block other users that you’re trying to avoid.  

Our next phase for swirl messenger™️ includes one-on-one video chat and a laundry list of exciting features that add more fun and functionality. 

swirl directory™️ is your gateway to whatever meeting you would like to attend.  You’ll see a link at the top of each page at labeled swirl directory.  When you push that, it unlocks a hidden area from any page where swirlonthru members can hit one button redirecting them to the meeting of their choice.  This new hidden portal at is guaranteed to make things easier on members.  You’ll no longer have to spend so much time searching for open meetings or new numbers.  We’re doing all that work for you!  If you have an active meeting of your own and would like to apply for a position in the swirl directory™️, send your information to  Our goal is to include as many listings as possible so that our members don’t have to search any more!  swirl directory™️ is free for members and it’s also free to get listed (pending approval). 

Our goal at is to bring our community closer together by making things easier on you.  It is free for everyone to join, and we invite everyone to enjoy all we have to offer.    Your feedback is also welcomed and if you have special skills or ideas that you think would be a good fit, email our HBIC of Product  

We’re getting there (slowly but surely).  In the very near future, we’ll be making an announcement on the status of our goal to privatize meetings without losing the features you’ve grown to love.  Let’s just say we’re Making Zoom Great Again! 



President Of The United Swirl (POTUS)

Activity Feed Update

Hi all:

Just want you to know that without you, the user, we wouldn’t exist. YOU COME FIRST! So we just released an update to the activity feed which gives comments/status updates that are created by users more importance. Anything that you post or comment on will get bumped to the top of the feed. This will keep conversations alive. You will no longer have to search for old posts.

In other news. An update to the activity bar caused previously posted images to be removed from your profiles. Please reupload them through the multimedia status update button.

Thanks all.

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