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Introducing VP Cares

To help make sure that someone in the SlipperyWhenSex administration is available to hear your concerns, Vice President Whiteboy is introducing a new initiative that will give members of our community an avenue to seek assistance from and provide feedback to the administration.  

The initiative, called VP Cares, will provide a space at soliciting feedback from members of the community.  This will be a first for both this administration and  In addition to the new feedback forum, VP Whiteboy will also start the VP Cares blog where he will address some popular areas of concern as well as distribute information to the community.  It is expected to launch in early April-ish.

The VP says he’ll work closely with Chief of Staff Markie Mark and Public Advocate MeffBBBro to ensure the people’s voices are heard.  

Announcing the new Vice President

Hello again community members;

Just a few moments ago, I officially accepted the letter of resignation submitted to me by Eddie OmegA.  Eddie has plans for the future, and none of us have seen the last of him.  So don’t go getting all emotional.  Emotions are bad! 

I am writing to officially announce the new Vice President.  Additionally, I am using this time to restructure my administration and add some key positions to my cabinet. 

First, Markie Mark will now be my Chief of Staff across the board for all my endeavors including and Slippery When Sex Presidential Productions where he leads the212.  Markie has proven that if anyone can get it done, it’s him.  His leadership and knowledge of how things work in this online community are unparalleled and will be put to full use in this new expanded role. 

Deep3 will remain in his position of HBIC of Product at, and MeffBBBro (aka BBB) will also maintain a top spot in my Administration.  He will be taking on the new title of Public Advocate where he will be tasked with making sure the community’s voice is heard and represented in all my administration does and as develops into an all inclusive platform to meet the needs of our community as a whole.

As Markie and I began vetting candidates to become the third Vice President in my administration, one name quickly checked off all the boxes. The VP should be someone who not only supports my agenda and shares my philosophy, but someone who brings in a fresh perspective and new ideas.  He should be someone who is inclusive and welcoming not divisive and off-putting.  Since he is all this and more, it is my honor and pleasure to introduce Whiteboy as our community’s new Vice President.   Many of you might know Whiteboy as a host from the212 or as a HeadHo in Hideaway/ Swirlaway.  Whiteboy was awarded the 2019 Zoomie Award for Best Supporting Host and he was also a producer of the 2019 Zoomie Awards. 

This new administration is ready to hit the ground running as we make Zoomish great again!


President of the United Swirl [PoTUS]

Welcome to swirl2.0

Welcome to the all new It has been almost a year since we introduced the social network here, so we thought it was time for a new look. There’s nothing wrong with getting a little work done!

As you get started, you will notice some immediate changes, so here’s a few tips to help you get started.

If you are already a member and have a login for, you do not have to sign up again. Just use your current login information or request a password if you don’t remember. For those of you who have been waiting to sign up, you may now register  

Profile pictures are now required.

Any picture will do. If you don’t feel comfortable showing your face, show your ass, your cock, your pet rock, your favorite fruit… as long was it differenciates you from everyone else. You will not be allowed to navigate the rest of the site until this is done.

All members must complete their profile.

We are here to network in sooner fashion, and that is impossible if we don’t know anything about each other. Your site access will be limited until your profile is 100% completed, so why not do it now?!

You must now be logged in to use the chat directory, read the blogs and watch the Meffany Show. It IS FREE to sign up, so go for it.

There are lots of new features on the site, so browse through and play with all the new toys

We hope you enjoy swirl 2.0! Now Swirl on thru!


President of the Unified Swirl [POTUS]

Why was I removed from the meeting?

As your serving President and the owner of SlipperyWhenSex Presidential Productions (which brings you such meetings as the212, 212zoom, Storage Room, the 4H0e7, 212TighT and more), I am consistently asked one question.  That is: “Why was I removed from the meeting?”

Clearly, I rarely know or give a fuck.

However, if you are removed from a meeting that I own, happen to be hosting or am guest hosting… these are pretty much the only reasons I might put forth enough energy to give you the boot:

  1. It was a full meeting… and I love ending full meetings for no reason with no warning. It normally reopens instantly but it gets some people all worked up.  super fun!
  2. You’re hot…. and I was trying to pin you and hit the wrong thing. I suck at hosting these meetings.
  3. You were eating on cam. No one is a pretty eater… not sorry at all!
  4. You’re bubo… Because everyone should boot bubo.  I let him stay most of the time.  I do make Barbie deal with him tho.  It’s entertaining.  It’s likewatching a bird fly into a fan.  She just chops him up and feathers go flying everywhere!
  5.  You’re my current or ex boyfriend, and I was fucking someone I didn’t want you to know about.

SO NEXT TIME BEFORE YOU ASK ME WHY YOU GOT BOOTED from one of the meetings I own or one that I’m hosting, review that list and if none of those apply then I didn’t remove you and I don’t care who did it or why they did it either.  NOT MY PROBLEM!


After a delay due to a covid outbreak and another delay after Meffany fell asleep right before the debut showing, the moment you’ve been waiting for since 2021! This is the official presentation of the 5th Annual Zoomie Awards hosted by Meffany and MeffBBBro.

Watch to see who you picked as 2021’s best hosts, best meetings, best DJs and much more! Then stay tuned at the end for some special bloopers from the making of the show!

Congrats to all the winners! Keep up the good work! And a special thank you to everyone who contributed to the Zoomies starting with Markie Mark and Goofy who are the coordinators of the Zoomies each year. Thanks also goes out to vp Whiteboy, Meffany and MeffBBBro for serving on the 5th Annual Zoomies Committee.

And on behalf of everyone at SlipperyWhenSex Presidential Productions, a very special thanks to Cuban Prime, Baddie Prime, DJ Fuckboy, Markie Mark, Pauly V, Barbie Barker, vp Whiteboy, Meffany, J.Ryan and MeffBBBro for their contributions to the presentation of the 5th Annual Zoomie Awards streaming above.

Pick your favorites in the 2021 Zoomie Awards

Voting is currently under way for the 5th Annual Zoomie Awards at Make sure you cast your vote for your favorites between now and Friday, December 17th. That’s when voting ends.

This is the one chance for members of the community to express their thanks by voting for their favorites, so go vote for yours.

Then on 12/31/21 watch The 5th Annual Zoomie Awards hosted by Meffany and MeffBBBro right here on

Gone too soon, but not forgotten

I’ve always hated writing these, but now I have a whole new hatred for it.  I am very sad to inform you that we have lost another member of our community, because this time it hits very close to home for me.   

He went by the name Aeson.  He was my first Vice President , and he was an integral part of the 212 in its early days.   He was also a dear friend.  

Aeson never avoided controversy.  Most of the time, he dove right into it.  He had a big heart.  He would do anything for those close to him.  He cared about people, and his memory will live on as a result.  

Jdeb, the co-founder of the212, described Aeson as “an icon of sorts in our Zoomstory.”  He’s right.  And he was so much more.  He was a pioneer, a forefather (if you will) and he was an important part in helping mold our community into what it is today.  Most importantly, he was a good person and a good friend.  I miss him already. 

Spam Scam 2021

The bigger our swirl, they slicker the scam.

You might have received a message from someone with the user name ADMINS telling you that you should sign up for our new sites. THAT MESSAGE IS SCAM!


  1. Delete that message from you inbox.
  2. Do not click on any of the links as they could be filled with viruses, spyware, computer AIDS, you name it!
  3. Certainly don’t give them your credit card numbers. These types of scammers will be charging everything from Tube Socks to Masserati’s to you card (depending on your credit limit).
  4. If you already gave them you credit card number, contact your credit. card company and report the scam.


  • We all have names here at, so you won’t get a message from ADMINS informing you about anything on this site. [plus ADMIN means something completely different around here! ]
  • If we need to inform you of anything en mass, we rarely send out bulk messages to your inbox. Instead it will be posted in the feed or here in the blog, and it will come from either myself (President Slip), Deep3, BBB or Apollo…. not ADMINS.
  • If say, swirlonthru did launch a new website and we were asking you to move to that website, we would do the moving for you and redirect this url to the new site. We wouldn’t make you do all the work!

So I guess we should be flattered that these scammers picked us. I just hope that no one fell for it, and if you did call your credit card company today and report the scam!

The 2020 Zoomie Award Nominees

This week, the Meffany Show announced the nominees for the 2020 Zoomie Award Nominees. You can find out if you got nominated, who got nominated, when to vote, where to vote if you head over to and watch The Meffany Show 2020 Zoomie Awards Nominee Special. If nothing else, everyone needs a good laugh.

So stop reading this blog and head over to and watch it!

President Slip appoints Meffany as Press Secretary

President SlipperyWhenSex is starting to form his new cabinet for his second term as President of our online community, and his first new pick is bound to be a controversial one.  That’s because President Slip has tapped famous person Meffany G. Swirlsman as his new Press Secretary.  

Meffany is, of course, the host of The Meffany Show.  Meffany is also a two-time host of the Zoomie Awards, the 2019 Zoomie winner for Best Drama and a recording artists with one not-so-hit single, Meffany’s Vibe [which can be purchased wherever music sold.]. 

After seeing The Meffany Show’s team coverage of the recent election “Erection 2020,” President Slip decided there is no one better to handle his media than the media themselves. 

When asked if it might be a conflict of interest to be the President’s spokesperson while continuing to host The Meffany Show, Meffany said “do you think we give a fuck?”  

Meffany will begin her new gig immediately.  She still plans to perform live-ish at the 2020 Zoomie Awards and will continue to host The Meffany Show at  

President Slip continues 212resTrucTing with the212 HHiC announcement


Last weekend, I announced the beginning of 212resTrucTuring and the creation of a new position called HHiC (Head Host in Charge) who will supervise the 212HeadHos.  With that announcement, I revealed that Cloud Storage and A-A-Ron will be the HHIC of 212Zoom and now I have more 212resTrucTuring to do.  

Here at 212 and SlipperyWhenSex Presidential Productions, our mission is to provide something for everyone in our community, meeting options that make you feel comfortable and are fun to attend.  

We realize that if we are going to stay true to our mission; then we must offer 212 options on both Zoom and RingCentral.   Thats because some people prefer Ring Central and others have a 1132 block that prevenets them from using Zoom. There have been no bigger advocates for doing so than the two people I have chosen to lead the212 on RingCentral.  

Goofy San Diego and Barbie Barker will be the HHiC for the212. Each is a trailblazer in our community and each in their own right have gone where no others have gone before.

Goofy is the longest running 212 HeadHo and the longest running HeadHo in our community.  He knows the ins and the outs of how to run a meeting as good if not better than anyone.  His mind is always in the right place and that is staying true to the 212 mission mentioned above.   He is also a two-time Zoomie Award Winner for Best Host and has lead the 212 to 3 consecutive wins for Best Meeting. 

Barbie is the first female to ever be allowed to attend the212 meetings.   She is also the first female to own her own meeting.  She is also the first female HeadHo in our community, and now she’s breaking that glass ceiling again with these new leadership positions.   Barbie is your quintessential  host.  Her passion is music, and it shows when she DJ’s.  She also has back to back  Zoomie Awards for Best DJ to back it up.  Barbie is also dedicated to making sure that everyone feels welcome when they 212.  

Being on RingCentral isn’t the only thing that differentiates the212 from all other meetings.  The212 promotes an environment where removing someone from the meeting is a last resort.  They put the users who don’t turn their cams on in the Waiting Room in hopes that they will figure it out and rejoin with their cams on.  They don’t, however, tolerate party poopers and bullying is not something anyone would even want to try with these two. The212’s policy is that the current host can co-host who they would like but the hosts know they are responsible for the actions of their cohos.  The212 doesn’t have ban lists and welcomes everyone who is there to contribute to the fun environment .

Now this doesn’t mean we will never see Goofy & Barbie hosting 212Zoom or Aaron & Cloud Storage hosting on RingCentral. You never know when he and Barbie might dip into Aaron & Cloud Storage’s fun on Zoom and vice versa. I hope you’ll join me, [vp] Whiteboy, Markie Mark, CoS, 212HeadHos and the 212Crew in congratulating Goofy and Barbie on their new positons at the212HBiC at They are truly pillars to our community, and I am proud to have both on my team and as members of my administration.