This is how you get around a 1132 error message on Zoom


If you’re feeling left out because you got the ole 1132 on Zoom, don’t worry! You might be banned now, but my administration is determined to help you get back on Zoom.

Apollo Hoe, my Secretary of Defense, has put together a website that will help you work around that nasty 1132 error code no matter whether you are on a PC or a Mac.

Now, if nothing else, I give credit where credit is due. That’s why I pat myself on the back for appointing someone smart enough to gather this information and explain it in easy to follow steps that will help get you back up and running in no time. But you don’t have to thank me. It’s what I do. Someone once told me that a good President surrounds himself by the right people. I think I have done a magnificent job at that, but again no thank you is needed.

So as you’re logging back into Zoom for the first time, you can feel free to think to yourself (or type it outline in the chat… whatever you’re feeling) President Slip did this. He was smart enough to appoint Apollo Hoe to his cabinet, and thanks to him Apollo got me back on Zoom.

You can access Apollo’s website at If you have any problems, you can write him at If you want to talk about how great it is or about how great I am for appointing Apollo, just leave a comment below and/ or shout it from the mountain tops. Either will suffice.

VISIT 1132.INFO for more!

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  • 1132 Maintenance mode is on. Site will be back up after these Rick and Morty messages. Now what?

  • While wanted to help out, you are not helping me at least as I don’t understand what needs to be done to get back on zoom.. I do have that stupid error message and now it seems that even Safari is not accepted by ZOOM.. This is the message I got today while I was trying to connect to a room

  • I don’t understand this note above about thanking you for the help – this is all it says when one visits that page: Zoom Error Code 1132 Is Zoom’s Ability To Block Your Devices MAC (Media Access Control Address) Address And It’s UUID (Universally Unique Identifier).

    Because Of Zoom’s Ability To Block Those 2 Unique Device Identifiers. It Prevents People From Ever Using Zoom On That Device Ever Again Without Software Modifications Done To The Users Device.


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